Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh to be sisters......

My daughters melt my heart everyday. Their innocence is so precious. If only I could memorize every moment and remember what they looked like at every stage. I can't but what I can do is embrace and enjoy our life as a family everyday.
It is amazing watching a sister relationship develop right before my eyes. Luna watches Zorianna constantly and I can already tell she wants to be with her and all about her. Luna is only 5 months old but those little girls already play together sooo cute. Zorianna always asks me if she can 'babysit" which means leaving them alone together in a room. They laugh and talk and sometimes even cry. Zorianna has told me "mom tell Luna to quit starring at me." - And so it begins!


  1. "She's looking at me!"

    Ha ha ha! Love those girls! I need to come by and see them (and you!) next time I am in town. Oh, and I'm working on the cover. Hopefully I get it done before you stop nursing! Lol! Give them big kisses for me! And a spankin' or two! ;)

  2. oh yes...just wait until they are a little older. Jessie told me today that ahser and journey cut each other's hair. oh no. oh this is your sis cassie